Tripp Lite SU80KX SmartOnline 80kVA Modular 3-Phase UPS System

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Tripp Lite SU80KX SmartOnline 80kVA Modular 3-Phase UPS System, On-line Double-Conversion International UPS. (not expandable to 120kVA)

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Tripp Lite's SU80KX (80kVA) SmartOnline Modular 3-Phase Intelligent, True On-Line UPS System provides 100% system availability with N+1 modular architecture and 1+1 parallel capability. In N+1 configuration, the SU80KX provides four self-contained, redundant 20kVA power modules that can be hot-swapped (load remaining powered) if maintenance is required. In 1+1 configuration, two SU80KX models connected in parallel can provide fail-safe redundancy (two 80kVA models supporting a 80kVA load) or increased capacity (two 80kVA models supporting a 160kVA load).

Large capacity 80,000VA/64,000W UPS continually converts incoming AC power into filtered DC power, and then resynthesizes it back into AC power with a pure sine wave. Perfectly regulated, continuous sine wave output with zero transfer time assures compatibility with all equipment types. High input power factor, advanced IGBT inverter technology and Digital Signal Processor (DSP) technology produce less than 3% input total harmonic distortion (THDi). With low THDi, generators run cooler and last longer, allowing managers to save installation costs by installing a generator with a capacity equal to the equipment load (1:1 ratio).

Extremely efficient operation (up to 97%) saves money by lowering electricity consumption. Hardwire input and output connections. Frequency is 50 or 60 Hz (auto-selectable). SU80KX power modules are housed in a single small-footprint tower compartment. Battery module (Model BP480V40C) is housed in a separate stand-alone hardwired external battery compartment (required for UPS operation/backup battery support; order separately). Battery runtime can be extended with additional stand-alone hardwired external battery modules. A manual bypass breaker and an automatic bypass function ensure 100% availability of connected equipment by safely passing through AC power if the UPS requires maintenance.

Some of the features provided by the Tripp Lite's SU80KX are,

  • 80,000VA/64,000W power capacity with 3-phase, hardwire input/output connections
  • Wide input voltage correction range: 173-300V/276-477V AC
  • N+1 configuration: If maintenance is required, four self-contained, redundant 20kVA power modules can be hot-swapped with the load remaining powered
  • 1+1 configuration: Two SU80KX can be connected in parallel to provide either fail-safe redundancy or increased capacity
  • Low THDi (less than 3%) reduces installation costs by allowing 1:1 generator sizing
  • Extremely efficient operation (up to 97%) saves money by reducing electricity consumption
  • Battery runtime can be extended with additional stand-alone hardwired external battery modules (Model BP480V40C; order separately)
  • Front panel combination LCD/LED display includes a real-time event log screen with up to 500 events listed

Additional Information

Output Power 64 kWatts
Output Voltage 220 Volts
Input Frequency 220/380V 3-PH Wye; 230/400V 3-PH Wye; 240/415V 3-PH Wye
Input Volatge Range 50 / 60 Hz
Interface Ports LCD, Smartslot
Control Panel ON button turns UPS inverter on. OFF button turns UPS inverter off. LCD Display Control Buttons browse through and select items displayed on LCD screen. EPO (Emergency Power Off) button turns UPS output off and disables Bypass output
Battery Type Automatic inverter bypass; Hot swappable batteries, Valve Regulated Lead-Acid Rechargeable battery
Recharge Time -
Audible Alarm Alarms signal a variety of operational conditions: low-battery, overload, shutdown, bypass and more
Cord Length -
Approvals CE
Dimensions 116.84 x 52.07 x 85.60
Shipping Dimensions 139.70 x 72.39 x 107.95
Weight 244.0300
Shipping Weight 312.3
Manufacturer Tripp Lite

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